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Once you've found the vehicle of your dreams at Mazda, a team of experts from Mazda Financial Services takes care of everything and explains the different options available to you. After evaluating your situation and your preferences, it's time to take action, and you decide to purchase your Mazda vehicle.

Financing a vehicle is a wise decision and has many advantages. Among these, we need only mention those that are already obvious:

  • You own the car at the end of the payments, which allows you to sell it or keep your assets longer.
  • There is no mileage limit to respect since you are the owner. If you drive a lot of kilometres, this option will become very advantageous for you.
  • You can negotiate the price and options at the time of purchase. This option is also advantageous, especially if you wish to obtain certain features on your vehicle.
  • Insurance is usually cheaper than leasing.
  • Often, interest rates are lower than when you lease.
  • You can make all the changes you want to make to your car during its lifetime.
  • Flexible terms up to 84 months on selected models.
  • Once all payments are made, you own the vehicle with no future obligations.

After you make your payments for the term of your financing contract, the Mazda vehicle belongs to you. Purchase financing becomes a lasting investment.


  • Negotiating a trade-in with your dealer is a great way to get a down payment on your next Mazda vehicle.
  • Sell your vehicle or drive it for years to come - the decision is yours!

To learn more about your Mazda financing termination options, we invite you to take the time to speak with your Mazda dealer or one of our Mazda financial service advisors.